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Whiskey T is proud to bring you a collection of premium whiskeys online. Our collection includes bourbons, ryes, scotch, Sour Mesh Whiskey, and more. Whether you are gifting a bottle to a loved one or stocking your in-home bar, fine whiskey is a popular spirit that anyone can appreciate.

Known as America’s native spirit, bourbon is a distilled liquor comprised mostly of corn and aged in a barrel. Bourbon tends to have sweet, spicy, and floral flavors. Another American style whiskey, rye produces liquor with a distinct and full taste. Scotch is a type of whiskey distilled is Scotland, using distinctive and classic methods. Depending on the region, scotch has a smoky or milder taste. Japanese style whiskey combines Scottish tradition with Japanese culture. This style provides a soft and smooth taste. Browse our premium whiskey online!

We could simply say that whiskey is a liquor that derives from a blend of fermented grains but, as most connoisseurs know, the world of spirits is much more complicated than that. Actually, the whiskey category includes a huge variety of spirits, from bourbon to scotch whisky. To create completely new flavors, distilleries constantly experiment with different grain types.


Flavors can range from sweet to spicy and smoky. Most whiskeys were born as a standalone drink, but you can always choose your favorite mixers and invent your own cocktail recipes.


If you’re a fan of this elegant liquor, you’ve probably already read both versions of the name on your bottles. Simply put, “whisky” without the “e” comes from distilleries in Scotland, Canada or Japan. If you’re looking to try any of these whiskies, bottles will be labeled with “scotch whisky,” “Canadian whisky” or “Japanese whisky.” “Whiskey” with the “e” comes from Ireland and the United States.

Types Of Whiskey

Did you know that bourbon is a type of aged whiskey? It ages for two years in brand-spanking-new oak barrels. It’s not a joke as producers use bourbon barrels only once, then they pass them on to other distillers who use them for rums, tequilas and other liquors. Sounds like a pretty sustainable production method! Bourbon is the most popular type of whiskey in mixed drinks. After all, could you imagine a Manhattan or John Collins without it?


Scotch whisky, like the name suggests, hails from Scotland. A particular malt drying process imparts to the liquor a distinctive smoky taste, which is even stronger in single malt varieties.


Then there’s Irish whiskey, a complex blend of corn-based and malted spirits. It’s a very drinkable variety with a smooth, toasty and typically sweet flavor.


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1p39Z”>What Is The Process Of Making Whiskey?

3ber-“>Whiskey starts with a mash of grains. This can be corn, wheat, rye or malted barley. This is similar to the creation of other liquors, like vodka. The outcome of the drink (flavor, mouthfeel, spice etc.) will be determined by the dominant grain. The mash is fermented, distilled and aged (exception for white whiskey). It’s then bottled. To be a whiskey, it technically has to be at least 40% ABV.

1p39Z”>What Are Popular Varieties Of Whiskey?

3ber-“>There are so many varieties of whiskey out there. Popular ones include Irish whisky, single malt whiskey, American whiskey, Japanese whisky, scotch whisky, bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. Each of these varieties is made, distilled, blended and aged differently to give them their unique taste and feel. You can learn more about them in our whiskey guide.